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Why train with PrecisePilot in Toronto?

For over 100 years, flight simulation has proven to be very effective in flight training.

From the days of the Antoinette Barrel Trainer and the widely-used Link Trainers, originally designed in the late 1920s, flight simulators have evolved into modern and powerful tools to promote greater flight proficiency.

Simulators allow students and licensed pilots an environment to train in that just can’t be replicated in a real airplane – and from a far more cost effective standpoint.

Full motion flight simulator

Based in Toronto, PrecisePilot's Redbird FMX full motion flight simulator offers a greater level of fidelity, through motion cues, that fixed simulators just cannot provide. In addition, with a 200 degree wrap around cockpit, a worldwide terrain and airport database, and various simulated weather conditions, PrecisePilot truly gives a compelling training environment.

Emergencies such as complete engine failures, without an idling engine or warning, avionics, electrical system issues and actual failed instruments, can be practiced repeatedly. A pilot will know exactly how to recognize and respond to pressing issues that can happen in the cockpit.

What happens if you are a VFR pilot who inadvertently flies into IMC? Would you be confident with your skills?

Winter flying IFR training

Are you flying cross country into the USA next week? Are you familiar with a specific airport’s instrument procedures?

PrecisePilot can help you familiarize yourself with multiple emergencies, IMC flying, and worldwide airport’s procedures.

Most importantly – PrecisePilot does this for a lot less money than renting a plane from a flight school or paying the operating costs in your own aircraft.

Flying in PrecisePilot’s Redbird simulator costs one third of what it does in the average flight school’s Piper Seminole or half the cost of a new Cessna 172.

In addition, you will not waste money flying to where you need to be. You will not need to take off and fly to the initial approach fix or the practice area, you can jump in the simulator and after a few seconds you will be placed at your desired location.

Is the weather VFR? How are the winds? Too hot or cold out for a thorough pre-flight inspection? With PrecisePilot’s flight simulator and training environment, just jump in and fly.

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