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PrecisePilot: One stop shop for IFR flying

Winter IFR flying

We offer the following instrument flying related services:

  • IFR Renewal package - $649 + HST
  • IFR Currency
  • Initial instrument flight training
  • IFR refreshers and ground seminars
  • Airport procedures familiarization
  • Multi-engine and glass cockpit procedures training

Getting your instrument rating

Why get and keep an instrument rating?

It is the safer and smarter way to fly. It makes you a more precise pilot.

Flying IFR means relying on instruments for navigation and attitude control. Training for your instrument rating can help prepare you for inadvertent adverse weather, namely IMC or instrument meteorological conditions. This involves flying through cloud without any visual reference to the ground or horizon. You learn to rely on aircraft instruments and navigation systems and to completely disregard your own body’s senses.

IFR flying requires greater skill and precision as well as adhering to air traffic control clearances. This may seem like it makes flying more of a chore, but it actually makes flying safer. Plus, with an instrument rating, you can still fly VFR when you want to fly for that $100 dollar hamburger or just burn holes in the sky. However, the addition of an instrument rating gives that added safety advantage for that just in case scenario, or when a calm, stable, cloudy air mass gets in the way of you and your destination.

178 seconds. Frighteningly, this is the average time that a VFR only pilot has to live when inadvertently caught in IMC conditions. Check out the video below to see a video clip produced by at our facility showing what happens when experienced VFR only pilots just happen to choose to fly and get caught in IMC.

In order to get your instrument rating, you must have your private pilot license including 50 hours of PIC cross country experience and 40 hours instrument time with a qualified person. 20 of these 40 hours can be completed in an approved simulator or flight training device. This is great, because as we all know, flying in a real plane can be really expensive!

In addition, you need to have written an exam called the INRAT as well as completed a flight test. Every two years, the instrument rating must be renewed with a flight test.

Renewing your instrument rating

PrecisePilot offers the following IFR renewal flight test package ($649 + HST):

  • 2 Hours flight time with a Flight Instructor
  • Sim time for the flight test
  • Examiner and Transport Canada fees included
  • Comfortable and professional environment to prepare for the test

Maintaining your instrument rating

PrecisePilot offers the following services to help you remain a current and proficient IFR pilot:

  • Currency package: 6 hours of loggable flight time over 6 months at $90 per hour
  • One-on-one or small group instrument refreshers
  • Seminars on adverse weather, winter flying, flight test prep, and advanced avionics
  • Comfortable and professional environment to maintain your IFR skills and knowledge

For all rates and packages, instruction from a certified flight instructor is optional, but required for logging towards an initial instrument rating or training towards a pilot license. Instruction is provided by Canadian Flyers International in the hourly dual rate at $150 / hour.

Canadian Flyers


Hourly rate:
1 hour dual @ $150/hour
1 hour solo @ $90/hour
IFR Currency Package:
6 hours @ $90/hour
IFR Renewal Package:
$649 - all inclusive

*HST extra