PrecisePilot Flight Simulations Inc.
Markham Airport (CNU8), Markham, Ontario | 905-642-2774

Full motion flight simulation & training

PrecisePilot provides recurrent flight training to pilots as well as an introduction to non-pilots interested in discovering the experience of controlling an aircraft.

Flying for fun

Flight simulator flying

For non-pilots: No sitting in an old and cramped flight school airplane. It is just you at the controls, flying out of any airport you desire.

Sharpening your skills

Flight simulator training

For pilots: No worrying about weather, expensive fuel, or maintenance down-time. Our simulator is ready for you, no matter the conditions outside.

Plus, you can fly at any airport, anywhere, world-wide.

With us, you can practice and perfect procedures in multiple configurations: glass cockpit, multi-engine, & advanced avionics.

  • 60 minutes flight time: $150

Rates include supervision and orientation.


Hourly rate:
1 hour dual @ $150/hour
1 hour solo @ $90/hour
IFR Currency Package:
6 hours @ $90/hour
IFR Renewal Package:
$649 - all inclusive

*HST extra