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Full motion flight simulation. It's for real.

At PrecisePilot, we believe in safe, smart flying.

We believe that being well prepared and experienced allows for smarter pilot decision making. There is never a second chance when you are in the air, but there are many second chances when you are training with us.

Keep proficient, remain current, and train for or renew your instrument rating.

Stay sharp with PrecisePilot.

With our Transport Canada certified full motion flight simulator, you can prepare for, practice and perfect:

Now you can keep your skills sharp over the winter, and practice maneuvers more economically over the summer. So why not shoot a night ILS into JFK on the way home from work? Just for fun, or just for your logbook.

We’re right here in Toronto, but you can fly anywhere in the world.

Special offers:

IFR Renewal Package - $649
IFR Currency Package - $540

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